Trent & Taylor: Mickey Mouse hair to high school sweethearts

Couple's Spotlight: Unique wedding style perfect for Empeiria 110

It is not too often anymore that you find your forever love while in High School. It seems these days it is all done through technology and dating apps. However, that was not the case for My husband and I. We came from 2 different states and met and fell in love at a small country high school. It is touching to say that we are high school sweethearts. Trent and Taylor have a similar story. Although they met way before high school, they did not know at the time that they would one day become Mr and Mrs. It sounds like Trent knew they were meant be long before Taylor did. For Trent, it was Taylor’s Mickey Mouse hair in 3rd grade when they played soccer together that had him swooning. For Taylor it took a little bit longer and some constant pursuing that did the trick. She appreciated that he never gave up on her after all those years. The admiration grew and grew. They admire each others love for others, their servant heart, and the ability to make each other laugh everyday.  

After 7 (long) years of dating, he proposed. I say that in parenthesis because if Taylor is anything like me, the wait was long, but was totally worth it. Me and my husband dated for almost a full 7 years before we got married and here we are going on almost 5 years of marriage. Enough about our story, let’s hear about their proposal. A few days before Christmas Trent and Taylor were going on a date night. On the way to dinner he told her that he had to stop at his grandparents house. Punctuality is important to her and she was not too impressed by this because it meant they were going to be late for their reservations. She soon forgot about the dinner reservations when she followed a trail of lights up to a gazebo over the water. Trent got down on one knee and she couldn’t have been happier to say yes to her best friend. She was not expecting it at all, but said it was the sweetest surprise. This proposal story makes me wonder if they ever really had reservations or if that was Trents way of getting her around and ready to go. I have seen a photo of this proposal set-up, it was gorgeous and a surprise to her. Good job, Trent!

With the perfect ring on her finger and the love of her life by her side, it was time to start the wedding planning process. They are most excited about making their wedding fun, unique, and beautiful. Empeiria 110 will be the perfect backdrop for that! Of course with every wedding comes final costs and budgets to maintain, which Taylor is not looking forward to seeing. It all comes together and adds up quickly. It is definitely worth it all in the end. After all, you only get married once. To them there are not necessarily any wedding trends that they think are overdone and want to steer clear of. It is important to them that they make it their own as much as they can. Unique decor and flowers is what she would decide to splurge on if they had an unlimited budget. And of course a honeymoon to Bora Bora would be their dream destination. This is probably the most common answer that I have seen by doing these couple spotlights. It must be the huts on the water that has it on everyones radar. I am sure that it would make a perfect honeymoon location, just comes with a pretty hefty pricetag (worth it I'm sure).

We are looking forward to watching their unique ideas come to life and for their wedding this summer. Wishing them all the best and a lifetime of happiness.

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