Empeiria 110 is where industrial meets modern

We are a family owned business that is passionate about helping you create the perfect space for your event. Our Venue is located on the Fulton and Marshall County line, and only a couple miles from Kosciusko County. It was explicitly designed to add charm to your event. Empeiria 110 is where industrial meets modern. The mixture of authentic weathered wood, brick, metals, and concrete make a sophisticated space.  We keep ourselves up to date on the latest designs. Our space will be regularly upgraded to keep it moving with the trends.

Giving our guests the right amount of ambience was taken in consideration when designing our venue. We have adequate natural lighting and plenty of backgrounds for the photographer to capture all your special moments. You can view some of our beautiful weddings by clicking on our Gallery tab.

We are committed in contributing to our guests’ events by making venue booking and set-up go smoothly. We are known for our outstanding industrial space, its rich tones of authentic interiors, and the support we give our clients. Want to find out more about Empeiria 110?  We are always ready to help. Contact us today.

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MEET The Swihart Family

 Empeiria 110 | Event venue

Lee and Angie grew up and still reside in the same community. They were married in 1988 and have 3 wonderful children Trent, Bray, and Alexis. The Swiharts have an extensive construction background. They are always working on projects as they love to design and create and bring their inspirations to life.  Lee and Angie also have years of experience in customer service.

They first thought about building a venue in October 2015 when they traveled a distance to a wedding that did not have any heat or indoor restrooms. Lee and Angie started purchasing and storing authentic materials and weathered wood. Then 6 months later, Trent got engaged to Jennifer and Bray got engaged to Cayla. The search for a local venue was unsuccessful.

In the end, the Swihart Family renovated their property into a backyard oasis complete with a garden walkway that leads up to a beautiful waterfall for the weddings. Building plans for a venue started as they molded ideas into their vision.

An engineer was hired to draw up their ideas. It took several months to get all County, Indiana State Health, and Indiana Homeland Security approvals.  They are now ready to see Empeiria 110 come to life! The Swiharts have been hosting many family, weddings, and different church events for the past 8 years. They are super excited about hosting events for others. Empeiria is the  Greek spelling for  experience.  That is exactly what they hope to give their guests….an “experience!”