May 2023

Empeiria 110... Now that's an Entrance!

Welcome to Empeiria 110!

It was a rainy day in Mexico when we drew up our plans and started jotting down our ideas for our venue with an industrial vibe. It was amazing how our minds came together, and how we were all in agreement of the design and mixture of materials.

Our biggest compromise was our entrance. I will never forget it! We were sitting around our kitchen table with 2 different entrance plans. They were quite different. One option was more complicated in construction, and the option was quite simple.

It was us girls against Lee and Bray. You can probably guess which of us wanted the more complicated design! I had an appointment with our rendering company the next day, so the decision had to be made that day. Since the guys were the ones doing the construction and we had a goal to finish within 7 months, we decided to go with the easier construction…..large black metal barn-like doors with our logo.

The renderings were complete. It was so exciting, but us girls were still big fans of the other entrance design….large tapered columns with custom wood trusses, a mixture of wood and brick, and large custom black entrance doors. Sound familiar??

It was meant to be! A few weeks later, a decision was made. I resent our current entrance design to our rendering company. We couldn’t be happier! Our entrance goes much better with the vibe of our venue. Our custom doors took 7 months to get here. They are so inviting and are such a great background for photos!

We are a construction family who loves to create. We never leave out the details that add to our guest experience. Creating a wonderful experience is most important to us! If you haven’t seen our entrance, we hope you visit us soon!

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