Spencer & Hunter: Thanks to his roommate

Couple's Spotlight: Replanning a wedding 2 months before the wedding date

Hey, Hi, Hello. It has been a hot minute since I have written a blog about another amazing Empeiria 110 Couple. On top of being busy with my 2 kiddos, we have been very busy creating new experiences to offer our Brides and Grooms at Empeiria 110. We are so excited for all that is to come and will be announcing the news very soon! We are so humbled with the fact that we are very quickly running out of available Saturdays in 2022 and are quickly filling up with 2023 interest. With our updates out of the way let’s get to know a little more about Spencer and Hunter. 

Spencer and Hunter met their Freshman year of college. After meeting his roommate on campus, She was introduced to Spencer and very quickly became best friends.  They were friends for about 6-7 months before they ended up becoming official. It seems to be a very common theme of meeting in school for our couples. Then again, what better place to meet in your late teens and early 20’s? Hunter loves how open minded Spencer is, how well he takes care of her, and how he would do absolutely anything for her. Spencer loves how compassionate she is, her silliness and genuine weirdness, and how well she balances him. They knew they were meant to be while driving home from their first trip together in South Carolina. Their transmission went out on the interstate in Tennessee and they were stranded in a small area right off of the interstate with a couple of fast food restaurants and 2 hotels. With being college students, they did not have much extra money and could not get a hotel room to stay in. For 9 hours they were hopping from restaurant to restaurant until they all closed. They then moved on to the local hotels. After being kicked out of 1 hotel lobby, they finally walked one mile to a different hotel where they were told that they could stay in the lobby until their help arrived. They laughed at their bad luck. Hunter fell asleep on Spencer’s lap until their friends came to pick them up. For them it was nice to know that they could be in a crisis together and still feel comfortable and safe. To be stranded for some time and to try and still enjoy this stressful time together says a lot about a couple. After about 5 years of dating, Spencer proposed. 

They took a weekend trip and headed out to Holland, MI. If you know this couple you know that Michigan is their special place. They had planned the most fun day of eating ice cream, going to open houses, and walking on the beach. As they were walking on the beach with Hunter walking slightly ahead of Spencer, she turned around and he was there on one knee. After he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, she tearfully said yes. To her surprise, he turned her around and both of their moms were there, which she was absolutely not expecting. She was not expecting a proposal on this weekend trip, but was hopeful of the chance. They had both talked about engagement and marriage before, but she did not think that this was the trip where he would ask her. Hunter is most excited for all things wedding planning. As an aspiring wedding planner herself, she was very excited. With weddings there are often times some hiccups that pop-up. Little did they know that they would have to re-plan their entire wedding within 2 months of their wedding date because of Covid. Restrictions were very very limited in Michigan and they both decided, although Michigan is very special to them, it would be best to find a new venue and replan. As difficult as replanning in such a short amount of time, we feel it was meant to be that they found Empeiria 110. Hunter and Spencer came to tour and instantly fell in love with all that we have to offer. They can also now have a much larger, less restrictive wedding than they would have been able to before. 

Every wedding is unique in their own way. We all view wedding trends and traditions differently. And that is okay! After all, it is your big day. It is important to make it exactly how you have envisioned. For Hunter and Spencer they want to avoid dances like the cupid shuffle or the Cha Cha slide. These just are not their idea of a good time. They are however open to play the wobble. This one definitely helps get the party started. If they were given an unlimited wedding budget they would use that to splurge on food. They would love to offer multiple times throughout the night to eat a variety of food. They would love to be able to have a variety of appetizers, a delicious plated dinner, an assortment of desserts, a chocolate fountain, a s’mores bar, and then end the night with a greasy food truck. Sounds like we’ve got some real foodies on our hands. When asked about their dream destination they said it would be a 2 week trip to Spain. To Hunter there is something so romantic about a honeymoon in Europe, especially Spain with all of the beaches and the culture. We wish this couple all the best with their replanning and cannot wait to host their big day.

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