Ricky & Bailey: Thank you Trine University

Couple's Spotlight: You won't find a hashtag here. 

Often times an MRS degree refers to a woman who attends college in order to find a well educated husband with a good future. This was a term commonly used in the 50’s and 60’s when higher education was relatively inaccessible for women. This was not entirely the case for our next couple spotlight. Although they did meet through a mutual friend their Freshman year at Trine University, Bailey was attending with continued education on her mind and Ricky was attending with a focus on Lacrosse. Funny, Bailey played too! This was the beginning of Ricky and Bailey. 

With a buildup of many special moments stemmed from the start of a friendship, they knew they wanted to be together forever. Ricky is a very hardworking man and has been an amazing support to Bailey in many ways throughout her continued education and career goals. She has her masters guys, how awesome! Ricky is also very headstrong which to some may come off as being stubborn. Loving a man who knows what he wants and what he believes in is definitely a good thing for her.  Bailey is very empathetic and emotional (sometimes a little too much he chuckles).  Such traits are admirable to Ricky as he claims to possess neither. She has taught him that not all things in this world can be done with force or aggressiveness, but rather a gentle touch can often do the trick. He is the yin to her yang. 

Fast forward 5 and a half years to Wyoming and a trip to visit Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. I had to google the Grand Tetons. I am definitely not familiar with the west coast wonders, but would love to go check them out! Finding themselves “roughing it” for a week of camping, on day 3 they took a hike. A 14 mile round trip hike up and over the 10,000 foot elevation off a mountain in the Tetons. With stunning views all around, they stopped half way up to admire their surroundings. Ricky went to take a picture of Bailey and when she turned around he was down on one knee. Immediately she started crying because it was the most beautiful moment. Little did she know Ricky was hiding the ring box in his jacket the entire hike. She just kept asking him, “aren’t you hot in that jacket?’ Ricky was dying in his jacket with sweat dripping everywhere. He knew that he could not take off his jacket with the ring box in it. This would definitely be a red flag for me, my husband is hot all the time so if he left his jacket on during a warm hike I might think something was up. With Bailey not expecting it only made their moment even more special. 

For some the wedding planning process is fun and exciting, but not for Ricky. He laughs as he says, “what’s fun about the wedding planning process?” I would imagine that this process is much easier on the groom. But I think that the grooms favorite part would include the food and cake tastings. For girls it is more about the details, although, we definitely look forward to the tastings as well! Bailey is excited about planning decorations and looking at flowers. She has already checked off finding her dress and said it was a breeze. They say everything is all down hill after the venue is booked and the dress is ordered. For them, and many of us, addressing the save the dates, invites, and cards is one thing they are not looking forward to. You also won’t be seeing any hashtag wedding trend used on their big day.  I am also not one who understands the overuse of hashtags. If given an unlimited wedding budget, on their day you would find all real flowers for decorations and steak and sushi on the menu for dinner. That would definitely be something!

Wedding planning may be slightly more difficult for Ricky and Bailey since they live out of state. We are here to help. At Empeiria 110 we welcome out of town/state clients. Booking with us offers more than just our stunning space, you also get our dedicated staff to help make it an easier process. We are thrilled that they chose us to host their big day and are looking forward to their summer wedding. 

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