Jan 2021

Rachid & Corrina: Modern Love Hinges

Couple Spotlight: I am looking for something different; not really into barn venues.

It seems like the modern way to find love these days is to turn to online dating; in particular with dating apps. Hinge, the app that was made to be deleted, was what drew the connection between these two and helped start their journey together. After their first date, Corinna texted a coworker and told her that she was going to marry him! Rachid was exactly what she was looking for and must have made one great first impression... and so their story began. 

Flash forward 8 months to find Rachid had bought a ring and planned a proposal. I am sure Covid has put a wrench in all things wedding. He got down on one knee in their living room and asked the ultimate question. Little did he know, Corrina was expecting it, but the element of surprise was definitely still there. She did not know exactly when it was going to happen. That day was not on her radar at all and is now a day that she will remember forever. 

Now she’s got the man of her dreams and her perfect ring. Their search began for the perfect venue and the wedding planning began. She took to Facebook looking for recommendations for a unique wedding venue that was different from all of the barn venues that she had been seeing. She was looking for September through November and was hoping for a fall or winter wedding. Thankfully she had a few months in mind since our fall availability was rather slim. One of our team members commented on her post linking our page. She fell in love with what we had to offer and the industrial style. She could tell immediately that we were way different than the barn type fad. Which was big in our design process. They booked a tour shortly after and once she saw Empeiria 110 in person, Corrina knew it was where they would have their wedding... and booked that day!

Wedding Venue was booked, now it was on to the details. Some brides choose to make a list themselves, while others decide to buy the wedding planning books that break it all down. A budget is often one of the first steps in the process. If an unlimited budget was the case Corrina would splurge more on decor! When asked what part of the wedding planning process she was most excited about she said, "dress shopping." They say it all really comes together after finding “the dress.” She is however, not looking forward to all the small time consuming things. She laughed as she said, “A lot of it I just want to be planned already.” Personally, I felt like the planning process went fast, but then again I had only 5 months to do so. We are excited for their big day and to watch their vision come to life. 

Look at this perfect photo of this gorgeous couple! Real love is there, you can feel it. 

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