Jan 2021

Nathan & Isabelle: Love Drives-In Logansport

Couple Spotlight: Garter Toss: NO, First-look: YES

Our previous blog spoke about the modern way to find love. This one boasts of a more traditional way. Imagine finding your love while working at a drive-in!  That's exactly what happened for Nathan & Isabelle. How sweet, literally! If you are like me then you assumed this blog would be about a drive-in movie theater. Sycamore Drive-in is actually an ice cream shop. I quickly turned to google and my image results reminded me of a couple local ice cream shops; The Igloo in Silver Lake and Sallies by the shore now located in Winamac. If you have not been to either I definitely recommend a visit. Although, The Igloo is currently closed for the winter season, but my favorite is the turtle sundae. Anyway, this blog is not all about local ice cream shops, back to the love story of Nathan & Isabelle.

You can definitely see the love between these two in their engagement photos, but let’s dive in more. When asked what 3 qualities you admire most about each other, Nathan said, “her unwavering positive outlook on everything, her drive to be better than the day before, and always working to improve herself.” He even gave us a forth! Her child-like wonder. Isabelle definitely has his heart and possesses great qualities! Flipping the page, Isabelle said that she admires Nathan's amazing work ethic, his ability to make her laugh, and his upbeat and charismatic personality. Swooning… these two definitely sound like they were made for each other!

Have you ever met someone and instantly just clicked? Well that's how it started with Nathan & Isabelle. When they started dating that's exactly what happened; they just clicked. Isabelle had never connected with someone on that deep of a level before. There is just something about being able to be 100% yourself around each other without any judgement. That's definitely a great indicator that your relationship would turn into forever. After a year of dating, Nathan proposed. Isabelle knew he had picked out a ring, but had no clue when he would pop the question.

If you have ever been to Chicago around Christmas time then you know how gorgeous it is! If you have never been, then I strongly recommend you go, at least once. Chicago has such a special place in my heart, but then again I may be biased. I grew up there. Isabelle has a very different view of this special place. Millennial Park downtown always has a HUGE lit tree around Christmas time. With the gorgeous skyline for its backdrop, the perfect proposal spot was created. Nathan got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Isabelle was so speechless that she couldn’t even say yes, she just nodded her head in response. He even made it extra special by having some of her friends come surprise her and capture the entire moment on camera. I always love when the guy arranges to have family/friends there and to make sure it's all captured on camera. Such great photos to look at later!

The perfect winter proposal was complete, it was time to start the wedding planning process. Some tasks are tedious while others are the most exciting part. For Isabelle, wedding dress shopping and venue hunting were her most exciting tasks. Each part of the planning process creates the perfect day for each couple. For them, the tedious tasks includes addressing the invitations and creating a wedding registry. I know if you don't want to hand address them there are sites and companies that can do that for you. Of course that comes with a price. When asked if there were any trends that are overdone and will be steered clear of Isabelle responded, “Garter toss for sure and not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle.” For their perfect day they will be avoiding the garter toss and will be doing a first look to help each other calm any nerves. She added, “This will also save time by getting a lot of pictures done before the ceremony.” This is such a great tip! Try to get as many photos complete, whether you’re doing a first look or not, before the ceremony starts to keep your guests from waiting long.

We are thrilled that Nathan and Isabelle picked us for their big day! We cannot wait to watch their wedding vision come to life at Empeiria 110.

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