Keegan & Katelynn: Turkey Run to Everlasting Love

Couple's Spotlight: A fun celebration cautious with Covid

Getting to know our couples has been so enjoyable for us. Our next couple met in Upland, IN. If you are like me you had to google where Upland, IN was. I have heard people talk about Upland, but never knew where it was. For those that did not know, Upland is located 65 miles from the northeast side of Indy and 50 miles from Fort Wayne. Keegan and Katelynn met over common interests during their freshman year after a mutual friend introduced them. They did not disclose which university they met at, but after googling I am thinking it was Taylor University. The funny thing is we even have a cousin that attends there and I still did not know Taylor was in Upland. Shortly after meeting, in spring 2018 they made it official. After spending a lot of time together and with their friends they realized how they held similar values and interests. Keegan admires her heart for other people, her spontaneity, and her deep love for Jesus Christ. Katelynn admits his willingness to walk alongside others in any stage of life, his desire for wisdom, and his witty humor. Over time they grew to understand that they work very well as a team and were hopeful that continued. 

Well, luckily for them it continued. Two and a half years into dating, on September 26th Keegan proposed . Katelynn was not expecting it in the slightest. They spent the day hiking at Turkey Run state park. This is an activity that they did often with each other. After many trips to Turkey Run, it only seemed fitting to make it their special place to remember forever. After some time hiking they came upon a historic log cabin that had the perfect back porch. They walked around to the back where the porch was which overlooked the beautiful scenery. Katelynn turned around and there he was down on one knee. Of course she said yes! After he proposed they were both so excited and spent some time praying together before driving home to celebrate with their families. This is the sweetest thing. I could only imagine what those prayers were and it gives me goosebumps to think about. A God centered marriage is so special. 

Cue the wedding planning process. Katelynn is most excited to plan ways to accommodate all of their families and friends. They want their big day to be a fun celebration. They are not looking forward to navigating all of the Covid related details and expectations. It is important to them during their planning process to be cautious and aware of theirs guests so that their decision will benefit everyone involved. Thankfully it is starting to look like things are going back to normal, or the new normal at least.  If given an unlimited wedding budget they would splurge on fun dance floor accessories like light up glow sticks or confetti. One of the many nice things about Empeiria 110 is our lighting can be customized to fit whatever atmosphere our brides and grooms want to create for their celebration. They are looking forward to simply doing life together and being able to walk alongside one another in various stages of life. They dream of an Alaskan honeymoon destination. These two seem like very adventurous people so their dream honeymoon destination seems very fitting for them.

We are looking forward to their wedding in August and pray many blessings over them.

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