Jeremy & Kendall: Flowers and Decor or Fancy getaway car?

Couple's Spotlight: Knew they were meant to be after the peanut butter fell 

I’ve been a little MIA lately with my Couple’s Spotlights. We have been so busy finishing our projects to help create unique experiences that every bride is looking for. Showing our stunning venue during tours and hosting events have also kept me quite busy, but I am excited to start getting back to writing more blogs about our special couples, our exciting events, and helpful wedding day tips. I am happy to introduce our next Couple’s Spotlight couple, Jeremy and Kendall. They met in math class on the first day of 6th grade and that was all it took for Jeremy. Kendall laughs when she said that Jeremy has had a crush on her ever since. Their story has been in the making long before they both realized it. Kendall admires Jeremys loyalty and honesty. He is always able to find a reason to laugh and reminds Kendall not to always take life so seriously. Such a great quality to have in a partner. Jeremy admires how smart yet ditzy Kendall is. I am sure this always keeps him on his toes. He also loves her ability to support him in everything that he does. Jeremy knew they were meant to be when Kendall got so excited to show him a huge can of peanut butter at the store and as she grabbed it, it fell on her head. 

They had similar friends during school and finally started dating during their senior year. They then went on to Purdue together. While along the way helping each other make it through that next change in their lives. They celebrated their six year anniversary two days before he proposed. Kendall had one rule about her proposal. She did not want to be proposed to on her birthday or on a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s day. She wanted it to become their own special day and not have to share it with another occasion. I can completely agree with Kendall on this one rule. It is so much more special to create your own unique day. This may not be for everyone, and that is totally fine. Every proposal story has its own setting and that makes it unique to each couple. They graduated from Purdue and Jeremy had been working for the Sheriffs department for about a year when their 6 year anniversary was coming up. Kendall was picking up on some signs and thought for sure that he was about to get down on one knee on their anniversary. That evening ended and she was left feeling a little disappointed that it did not happen. He must have listened to her one rule and chose another day to ask her to be his bride. Two days after their anniversary he popped the question. 

With her man by her side and the perfect ring on her finger, it was time to start the planning process. For newly engaged ladies they usually start this process very soon after saying yes. I know for us we even picked and set our wedding date about an hour and a half after my husband proposed. Why not get on the ball right away? For these two finding a wedding venue that met everything on their checklist was the hardest and most stressful part for them. After searching the internet for hours and hours trying to find the perfect place and after going on multiple tours, none of them quite felt like the right place… until they toured Empeiria 110. They knew we were exactly what they were looking for and secured their date the next morning. Good thing because the month they were hoping for booked up fast. Kendall is So excited to have their big day at our beautiful venue. Of course, the feelings are mutual on our end as well. The rest of their planning process has been pretty fun for them. After planning for about 6-7 months and slowly checking things off of their list, they cannot wait to see it all come together. We love learning about our couples on a more personal level. When asked if there were any wedding trends that they want to steer clear of they responded with doing a first look. She has seen amazing first look photos and have heard how intimate it can be for couples, but they plan on forgoing it. For them there is just something about seeing each other for the first time when she is walking down the aisle. Cue the waterworks she chuckled. If given an unlimited wedding budget Kendall would splurge on flowers and decor and maybe a bigger dessert bar. Jeremy would splurge on a fancy getaway car. 

We are thrilled that our venue checked off all of their must-haves and are looking forward to their fall wedding.

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