Aug 2021

Jacob & Sylvia: DM's & Mutual Friends

Couple's Spotlight: Meant to be at Empeiria 110

Jacob and Sylvia always had mutual friends but never met until he reached out to her on Facebook one day and they set up a date. I remember when they came to tour, they were telling us the story of how they met at a local bar and Sylvia was a little too nervous that the night ended before it started. By early, we mean not long after he got there. Jacob must've known that she was something special (He did say it was love at first sight) because they met again the next night at the same place. They told us they shut the place down so they went outside to talk longer. Have you heard the song My Person - Wedding Version by Spencer Crandall? There is a part that goes something like "I got your name, got your number and we talked 'til they turned on the lights. I was looking for a long time. I didn't know that night I'd find my person." I think Spencer Crandall must've got his inspiration from Jacob and Sylvia because it sounds exactly like the night they met. Well the re-do of the night they met.

Jacob and Sylvia seem like the perfect pair. They were in a long distance relationship for 6 months and never missed a weekend together. They would alternate traveling back and forth from Indy every weekend to see each other. They would have to wake up at 3am to make the drive back home on Mondays to make it to work on time. They never missed a weekend.That really showed Sylvia it was meant to be. They have similar qualities like a willingness to succeed in everything they do, they are passionate for everything they do, and they communicate well to make a good team. Communication really is one of the keys to a lasting marriage and it sounds like they have it down already.

YOU GUYS!!! Their proposal story is straight out of a movie. Their photographer wanted to build her portfolio and messaged Sylvia to do a styled shoot. Little did Sylvia know, Jacob was behind the whole thing. The photographer and Sylvia met downtown in the city and Jacob was there waiting. After some photos, as she turned around he was down on one knee and proposed. The photographer was, of course, able to capture the whole thing. But wait, it isn't over yet. After the proposal, they went to their favorite restaurant and he surprised her with all of their family and friends waiting there. That seemed to have taken quite some planning. Way to go Jacob!

Sylvia and Jacob are ready to get married and celebrate with their family and friends. They are looking forward to starting their lives together and starting a family. The only bummer is they had hoped to go on a honeymoon to Europe, but given the circumstances are unable to. Maybe one day they will make it there. I have some recommendations from my time in Europe if you are interested! The Netherlands is a must see. The whole country is beautiful and so is Croatia. Really I could go on and on because every country I went to was beautiful, but I'll stop there.

When Sylvia and Jacob booked with us, they actually had another venue reserved, but that ended up falling through; however, we just so happened to have their original date open. Having their wedding at Empeiria 110 was meant to be, just like they are. We are so excited to celebrate them in a few weeks! We wish them all the love and happiness.

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