Jan 2021

Hunter & Micaela: FaceTime love under stay @ home order

Couple's Spotlight: God is ready to answer our prayers- in his own perfect time and way

A friend is more than just your day to day confidant. They often add joy and purpose to your life. This is definitely the case with Hunter and Micaela who met through a mutual friend. Meeting during the Covid stay at home order and what they thought would be a casual FaceTime call, three hours later left them both grinning from ear to ear. After a lot of praying, their prayers were answered in a time where they both least expected it. God is ready to answer our prayers- in his own perfect time and way. I can attest to this! When God delivers, it is often far greater than anything that could ever be imagined. There is a lot of love and admiration between these two. Micaela admires Hunters heart because of the love he shows, his incredible selflessness because he would give the shirt off of his back, and his thoughtfulness. Hunter admires Micaelas personality the most because it is one like no other. She has incredible faithfulness. No matter what comes their way she is always right there to go through it with. Sounds like a match made in heaven. 

Four days shy of their 6 month anniversary, left hunter down on one knee and their proposal story is just the sweetest. It was a beautiful fall day at the pumpkin patch for these two and a few others who were tucked away in the corn maze. Hunter made sure that both of their parents could be there for this special moment. They turned one of the corners of the maze and there stood both of their parents. As he got down on one knee, he said that he wanted to spend forever with her and asked Micaela to marry him. She secretly knew that something was up because he would not eat breakfast . He must normally have quite the appetite so she was on to him.  Hunter is not the best at keeping secrets and this was one that he really wanted to keep from her. Little did he know that by skipping out on breakfast gave her an inkling of suspicion. 

Meeting during a pandemic has its own difficulties. Now they have found themselves planning a wedding during it. Luckily, they have enjoyed every part of the wedding planning process. Their goal is to make sure that this is a day that everyone will remember. They are also looking forward to sharing their wedding photos with their future children and to tell them stories of their wedding day. When asked the question if given an unlimited wedding budget what would you splurge on, their response was an open bar. This is common among a lot of our brides and grooms. That is why at Empeiria 110 we have created different bar packages to create ways to provide our brides and grooms with something to offer their guests without breaking the bank. 

Planning a wedding and married life is often what girls dream of at a young age. And maybe even plan their future wedding or act it out with their friends. That always makes me think of the movie bride wars. They dress up and play bride and groom and even have their something blue already picked out, a blue flower hair clip. Planning a wedding is always fun, at least in my opinion. The best part is becoming one and getting to spend everyday together. For Hunter and Micaela they are excited to do the simple things of life together, like grocery shopping, cooking meals together, and going to church together just to name a few. 

One of my favorite questions from our Couple’s Spotlight questionnaire is what is your dream honeymoon destination. I love seeing all of the different answers. It also gives me some ideas for future vacations. Hunter and Micaela have a dream honeymoon destination to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Mexico is one of my absolute favorite places. We actually spent our honeymoon there. I am hoping to get to go back  this year for our 5 year wedding anniversary, but we will see if we will get the chance. Now is definitely the time to travel because it is so much more affordable, but at the same time it may be a little risky to travel now too. I say follow the precautions and go for it! 

We are looking forward to their summer wedding and are wishing them the best, especially with wedding planning. It will be here before we know it! 

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