Cody & Anna: A little bit of Chemistry

Couple's Spotlight: No dollar dance in store for us

Meeting Sophomore year in chemistry class Cody and Anna were not necessarily looking for each other since they both were already dating other people. They did not really start to get to know each other or go on their first date until the following summer after their previous relationships both ended. Chemistry is the first step in building a love story. It usually happens when there is a spark felt between two people. A little bit of chemistry must have been created from the beginning allowing these two to find each other. 

We have quite the romantic on our hands with Cody. After one year of dating, he took Anna to the same place where he asked her to be his girlfriend. Anna was informed that they were going to a nice restaurant for dinner and was supposed to dress nicely. On the way there he asked to stop and go back to the fountain that they were sitting by one year ago. He told her that he wanted to take a picture there. A sweet gesture and a little suspicion on her end, she agreed. By the time they got there Cody was acting weird and nervous, which then gave it all away. As they got up and were about to leave he got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him.  He even thought to hide her sister and roommates behind a car close by to take pictures and witness this beautiful moment between them. This is definitely going to always be a very special place for the both of them! 

I always get a little chuckle when I read through our submitted Couple’s Questionnaire’s when they say the groom knew from the beginning but the bride needed a little more time. That is so common.  For Cody the moment he knew they were meant to be was on their first date. Anna’s was a few months into dating when they could just sit together and do every day stuff and enjoy just being together. Girls just need a little extra time so we know it is true. Admiration is key to any successful relationship. For Anna she admires Cody’s work ethic, communication skills, and his desire to be the best man that he can be. Cody admires Anna’s selflessness, her ability to make him smile, and her loving heart. It sounds the like the chemistry is real with these two. They are looking forward to taking on life side by side and having each other for all the ups and downs. 

Planning a wedding around graduation and a pandemic Im sure is difficult. These two are honestly excited for all of the wedding planning, just not all of the costs that comes with them. If given an unlimited budget they would splurge on flowers and decorations. We designed Empeiria 110 with stunning detail in hopes to help decrease the decor cost for our weddings. Our stunning space can be dressed up or down to match any style our brides and grooms desire. There are so many wedding traditions out there it is hard to try to check them all off the list. Not every tradition fits every wedding. For Cody and Anna they have decided to skip out on the dollar dance. It just doesn’t fit their personalities and they didn’t want to conform just because it is a tradition. I personally would agree with this. We did not have the dollar dance for the same reason. We thought about doing the dollar dash instead, but decided against both altogether and our day was still perfect. That is the great thing about weddings, you can create yours to fit you. 

A spring wedding is in store for this sweet couple and we looking forward to their beautiful day. 

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