Brodie & Lynnsie: Rival schools did not keep them apart

Couple's Spotlight: We are not having the traditional "white" wedding

It was not until I moved to Indiana that I learned how big of a deal rivalry in schools was. Then again, I moved here shortly after I finished 8th grade. It probably was not such a big deal at that age though. Brodie and Lynnsie attended rivalry schools.  The funny thing is, they actually attended the same school at one point, but Brodie was 2 grades ahead. She had never seen or met him prior to him moving to the town that she lived in. The school they went to must have been pretty big. If you went to my high school you knew everyone, no matter what grade, and their mom. 

They initially started talking and hanging out after he direct messaged her on Twitter. For them there was never really a moment of realization that they were meant to be. They have always been very similar, with the same hobbies, interests, and personaltilies. They have always know that they were each others “person.” These two seem to be so in sync. They always accomplish things that they put their minds to and they strive to live their best lives amongst all of the chaos in the world. They have been through a lot during their 6 years of dating. They’ve witnessed high school graduations, college graduations, their lowest days, their highest days and everything in between. Lynnsie admires how Brodie pushes her to be her best self everyday. One of their favorite pastimes is roasting each other and laughing until their abs hurts. That is definitely a more enjoyable way to work on your 6-pack. Brodie loves Lynnsies fun personality and (sometimes morbid) sense of humor. They are so comfortable together that it just feels like home being with each other. 

Last year they took a trip to Colorado to visit Brodies brother. They hiked Bridal Veil Falls. No pun intended. Brodie thought he was being slick choosing those falls to propose at.  Pretty clever on his part. They witnessed some of the most beautiful views they’ve ever seen. He proposed once they got to the top of the water falls. Deep down Lynnsie knew it was coming at some point during this trip. He has hinted at it several times while hanging out. Prior to leaving for their trip, he had her best friend take her to get their nails done. This was another flag because they do not just go get their nails done for the fun of it. That was the icing on the cake for Lynnsie. They honestly already feel like they are married. They cannot wait to continue to grow as their own person and as a couple. It is so rewarding to them to be able to travel and collect as many life experiences as they can together. They look forward to continually being each others biggest supporters.

Now it was time to start the wedding planning process. Lynnsie is most excited about seeing their ideas come to life. They aren’t having the traditional “white” wedding. She cannot wait to fulfill her dream wedding, but is ready to check off the wedding planning list and just enjoy their engagement. She is not looking forward to potentially replanning their wedding due to Covid. Thankfully things are really starting to look up when it comes to that. Hopefully, they stay that way and continue to improve. With a love of food they would have all of the food trucks they could if given an unlimited budget. This is another great thing about Empeiria 110, we are food truck friendly. They would also decide to splurge on a coffee bar. After their wedding they are looking forward to their honeymoon somewhere on the beach. To them, the salt in the air is so cleansing, the waves crashing are so tranquilizing, and the sun on their skin gives them life. They are planning to visit an all-inclusive resort in either the Dominican Republic or Turks and Caicos. Either one sounds great right now! All-inclusive is definitely the way to go. It makes your vacation so much simpler. 

We are wishing them the best with their planning and are looking forward to their non-traditional wedding in the fall.

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